Dalgona  Coffee

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Dalgona Coffeeis a whipped coffee drink recipe consisting of a top layer of equal parts instant coffeewater, and sugar (granulated white or confectioner’s sugar),  whipped together until fluffy and light and then spooned over iced or hot milk or non-dairy/dairy-free milk substitute.

It is as delicious as any coffee drink you can get at a coffee shop and easy to make at home too!  Treat yourself to this simple and delicious Dalgona Coffee recipe! (vegetarian, vegan option)

Hi Everyone, have you heard of Dalgona Coffee? It’s has been a trendy, popular coffee drink, enjoyed hot or cold/iced originating in South Korea, to make at home during the historic,


> instant coffee > granulated white sugar > water > non-dairy/dairy-free milk

Combine the instant coffee, water and sugar together, until you create a frothy whipped topping.

Fill a chilled glass, filled with ice and 4 ounces (1/2 cup) milk I use whole organic but you can use any milk you wish, including almond, cashew, soy, rice milk or other non-dairy/dairy-free milk.

Serve it hot with hot milk.

Serve and Enjoy

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