DIY Pine Mason Jars

What do you do with that dried out Christmas tree, wreath or garland? Make DIY Pine Mason Jars of course!

DIY Pine Mason Jars Tutorials

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MATERIALS NEEDED - Mason Jars - Dried pine branches, twigs, pine needles - A pump that fits the mason jar

1. Arrange pine twigs and needles how you want in the glass mason jars. There are several ways you can curate these jars, this is where the artistry comes in, for example.

a. arrange twigs first and then arrange pine needles around them  b. do a jar just of twigs c. do a jar just of pine needles  d. use different size jars and do the same style in each to unify them 

2. Place them where they can be enjoyed, perhaps try them out in a different room every so often or in a guest bedroom for guests to enjoy the aromatherapy of the pine scent!

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