French Toast

This classic, French Toast recipe is a basic French Toast recipe that is perfect for a breakfast or weekend brunch. This recipe calls for regular white bread but you can also use sliced brioche or french bread too.

I love making this recipe on the weekends when our family has a little more time than we would to get together for breakfast/brunch.




– unsalted butter, for frying – 15 slices of white sandwich bread – 2 cups whole milk – 1 teaspoon cinnamon – 1/8 ground nutmeg – 2 tablespoons granulated white sugar

In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the batter ingredients (milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, eggs, sugar & vanilla extract and optional pinch of Kosher salt) until combined.

Step 1:

 To Make the Lemon Vinaigrette Salad Dressing: In a salad dressing shaker or lidded mason jar, mix the salad ingredients together or shake them together.

Step 2:

Step 3:

Dip each slice in the batter, briefly, turn over and place on the heated skillet, turn up the heat to medium heat. Cook 3-4 minutes on each side and then transfer to a plate.

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