Honeycomb Toffee Dalgona Candy

This Honeycomb Toffee Dalgona Candy Recipe is a popular Korean street food candy; it’s sweet, crisp, and has caramelized flavor. In 2021, it was featured in the popular Netflix show, “Squid Game.”

There are only pantry 2 ingredients: Sugar and baking soda and with simple tools and an easy, candy-making method, you can make this easy, delicious, pop-culture sensation recipe right in your home kitchen!

prep time: 1 MINUTES

cook time: 1 MINUTES

yield:  1 SERVING


– 2 tablespoons granulated white sugar (you can substitute the same amount brown sugar) – canola cooking spray (or other type of neutral-tasting oil, like vegetable oil)

Using the cooking spray, spray the silicone baking mat and the 4 1/5-5-inch bottom of a bowl or plate.

Step 1:

On the stovetop, over medium-hight heat, add 2 tablespoons of granulated white sugar in a small metal ladle or pan (use an oven mitt, so you don't burn your hand), stirring constantly until the sugar is melted, this should take less than a minute. Do not let the sugar burn! If it starts, you need to remove it from the heat.

Step 2:

Then add a pinch of baking soda is to make it bubble up, mix it in completely, and then pour it over a non-stick surface, wait a moment until it is dry enough to tap with your finger.

Step 3:

Press it flat with the bowl or plate and then using a cookie-cutter, it is pressed (but not all the way through).

Step 4:

A needle (I use a heavy-duty quilting/leatherworking needle) is used to “free” the shape but the idea is that you can not crack the shape or else you lose the game!

Step 5:

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