Seashell Winter Planters

Seashell Winter Planters are a great, natural way to brighten up the outdoors around your home through those long winter months!

Using seashells collected over the years, pine & holly branches from around the yard – this DIY decorating idea is also budget-friendly being absolutely free!

Let those sweet seashells bring reminders of the fabulous Summer to come.

I love a good, resourceful DIY and this is one showcases seashells we have collected as a family as well as having the added benefit of costing zero dollars to make!

It is a fun way to spend some time outdoors and make something pretty to greet you every time you walk through the front door.

We already had two concrete planters given to us from Eric’s mom, Linda, a while ago, and they have scallop shells on them so it echos the seashell/ocean theme.

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