These Pan-Fried Tomatoes are a very simple way to prepare tomatoes and they are great over steamed rice, pasta, meat, or as an addition to a salad.


– Pint Cherry or Grape Tomatoes – Olive Oil – Garlic – Salt

Step-by-step instructions!

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Heat olive oil over medium-high heat, making sure the oil is coating the whole surface of the pan. Add minced garlic.


Add tomatoes and have them evenly cover the surface of the frying pan, cover with a spatter cover or pan lid and cook for a few minutes.


Keep an eye on them so they do not burn, and lower the heat if necessary, after a few minutes have passed, using a spatula, turn over the tomatoes so they cook evenly.


Remove from heat when they are cooked to your desired texture which may be a little more or less for some people depending if they will be served alone or over another dish.


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