DIY Crayon Caddy


Do you ever have extra Huggies wipes boxes on hand? We have found that they make excellent crayon caddies! Organize your children’s crayons with this DIY Crayon Caddy made from a Huggies wipes box!

Diy Crayon Caddy Tutorial

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STEP 1 | GATHER YOUR MATERIALS - Huggies wipe box - webbing - Drill with appropriate drill bits - A permanent marker - Scissors - Lighter or matches - Crayons

STEP 2 | DRILL HOLES - We used 2 drill bits a 1/4″ and 1/2″ but this step can totally be done with 1 drill bit.

STEP 3 | ADD HANDLE - Thread webbing through one side of the caddy from the outside in, then make a knot on the inside.

- Thread the other end of the webbing through the other hole and before making the knot make sure it is a sufficient length.

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