DIY Pizza Peel Strap


This DIY Pizza Peel Strap customizes a pizza peel, allowing it to be stored from a hanging position.

Diy Pizza Peel Strap – Step-By-Step Tutorial

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1. Measure and cut a 1.5″x 12″ inch rectangle that will be the strap.

2. Fold the leather piece in half (print on the outside), end to end.

3. Punch 1 hole through the 2 layers, evenly far enough away from the edges and then below that, 3 equally spaces holes (3/16″ or 1/8″ inch size holes will work).

4. Weave string through the series of 3 holes, binding the leather together strongly and tie with a double knot.

5. Using a doubled up piece of the same natural twine, tie a loop between the pizza peel handle and the one hole at the end of the strap, connecting the two with a secure knot.

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