How to Keep a Bullet Journal


Do you know How to Keep a Bullet Journal? This is an organizational tool that can help tremendously with getting things DONE.

How to Keep a Bullet Journal: a Step-By-Step Tutorial

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All you need is a journal that you really like and your favorite writing tool. Take time to source pens/pencils that you really like and find a journal that feels good to you.

Step #1 – Date & Time Make sure you always record the date and time of your bullet journal lists. This is really important if you want to go back and reference a previous list.

Step #2 – Create Tier 1 & Tier 2 Tier 1 and Tier 2, otherwise called T1 & T2 are categories of lists of items that you need to get done, ideas, etc.

Step #3 – Execute Each Bullet I recommend checking off items and/or drawing a line through them as you accomplish them – whichever is most satisfying! 

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