How to Make Your Grocery Budget Stretch

Living frugally is not a new thing, and stretching your budget for your groceries is something many people have been doing for a long time.

You can save a lot of money by planning and sticking to a few guidelines. Once you learn how to stretch your grocery budget, you’ll put more money into saving and paying off debt.

Ways to Stretch Your Food Budget

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- Pack your own lunch Buying a meal from a restaurant is now too costly. In a week, you’ll be spending $50-$100 extra if you’re not careful.

- Eliminate snacks Snacks can drain out your budget real quick. If one of your family members gets a little hungry between meals, always make sure that you have some leftovers to give to them.

- Meal plan Go into the grocery store with your plan and don’t spend useless time on aisles or products that you don’t need.

- Always save your leftovers Even if the leftover food is only one plate, it’s still worth it. You can store it in a glass container to reheat in the microwave for the next time you’ll use it.

- Consider having breakfast for dinner You can try this once a week. Kids will enjoy it and so will your budget.

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