How to Meal Plan

Meal planning is a tricky and overwhelming task. Especially as a newbie, you are more than likely confused about where to start. You already have all the groceries and food. What next?

Making meal plans modified to your lifestyle and food options will be the most cost-effective and will lessen a lot of waste.

How to Combine a Variety of Meals

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Set Themed Mornings or Nights If you set a theme, make sure that it has to be secondary to the items that you already have on hand. So keep your pantry stocked with staples for times like this!

Prepping For Snacks Think about making snacks you can make easily and quickly with simple ingredients that you already have in store.

Have a Simple Plan for Dessert Set aside some healthy single-ingredient, whole, and ideally organic food like dried fruits, fruit, nuts, and dark chocolate.

Double and Freeze To save more time and money, you will want to have easy meals that you can just pull out of the fridge for the week.

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