Air Fryer Tortilla Chips

Air Fryer Tortilla Chips are crispy, salty, and can be easily customized with different seasonings (spicy or mild) and made right in your Air Fryer.

This recipe tutorial on How to Make Air Fryer Tortilla Chips will have you making these easy air fryer chips in a snap! (Makes 48 tortilla chips)

prep time: 2MINUTES

cook time: 6 MINUTES

yield:    48 CHIPS


– 12 mini flour tortillas – Canola oil, in a cooking spray can – Kosher salt, amount to taste

Cut the tortillas into quarters.

Step 1:

Place in the air fryer basket, give them a spray with the cooking spray and set to 350°F and cook them in batches for 4-6 minutes or until the desired level of "golden" is achieved.

Step 2:

Step 3:

Check on them and they should be crisp, otherwise they will need more time to cook, 1-2 minutes more, at a time. When they are done, sprinkle with salt (amount to taste), serve and enjoy!

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