Green Curved Line

Cabbages are available all year round from the grocery store plus they are not expensive, making these the perfect family and meal planning staple vegetable.

I love making a large batch of cole slaw when meal planning and we add it as a side or as a veggie topping to bowls and other dishes.


– head of green cabbage – onion – cilantro – Kosher salt – fresh ground black pepper


– celery seed – mayonnaise – garlic – celery – fresh lime juice – extra virgin olive oil

In a large mixing bowl, add green cabbage, onion, cilantro, salt, pepper, lime juice, olive oil, celery seed, mayonnaise, and optional ingredients, if you wish, the celery and the garlic (gives it more of a bite).

Toss the cole slaw mixture until completely combined. Serve right away or chill until ready to serve. Enjoy!