Horchata Coffee

Horchata Coffee is a sweet coffee recipe that has horchata added to it, which is a rice-almond milk drink, infused with cinnamon, vanilla, evaporated milk, and sugar. You can serve warm or iced.

I am always looking for my next coffee drink, and when I make a batch of Horchata, I always save some to add to my coffee!

prep time: 2 MINUTES

yield:    1 SERVING


– 8 ounces hot coffee – 1/4 cup or more Horchata – ground cinnamon

Pour 8 ounces of hot coffee into a heat-safe mug.

Step 1:

Pour the desired amount of horchata into the coffee.

Step 2:

You can also sprinkle with ground cinnamon optionally.

Step 3:

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