How to Host a Fall Outdoor Dinner: Shrimp Pad Thai


Take advantage of those days to host a Fall Outdoor Dinner and Harbour Trading Co. makes it easy to have incredible, fresh-caught seafood at your table!

How to Host a Fall Outdoor Dinner – Step-By-Step Tutorial

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STEP #1 – PICK THE RIGHT DAY, LOCATION & TIME Check the weather and choose a day when the weather will be warm. 

Pick a time of day that will leave you with a good amount light for the duration of the dinner.

You can add outdoor lights or a string of lights over the table (if that’s possible) this way, when it does get dark, everyone can still see each other.

STEP #2 – PICK YOUR MENU Select the wine pairings that you want to serve (if applicable).

STEP #3 -INVITE FRIENDS & FAMILY Pick who you want to invite to your Fall dinner! Or, maybe you just want to have it with your family.

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