How to Reduce Plastic Use in the Kitchen

Recycling and phasing out plastic items in your kitchen are the first steps to do. Here are some ways you can limit the use of plastic in your little cookery.

Reducing the Use of Plastic at Home

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- Reusable Shopping Bags Make good use of them while you go grocery shopping, instead of placing them in a plastic bag that you’re going to throw immediately after.

- Plastic Free Drinks Instead of buying a pack of non-reusable water bottles, get your own stainless steel water bottle that you can refill any time you want.

- Avoiding Plastic Wraps Beeswax sheets or wraps are great to store produce. And when you’re marinating something in the fridge, silicone covers are going to be a lifesaver!

- Compost The more we throw trash in the garbage, the more plastic garbage bags we use. Instead of doing this, why not turn your food scraps into compost?

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