Jalapeño Olive Cheese Bread


The first time I made this Jalapeño Olive Cheese Bread, I followed Ree’s recipe exactly.  There is nothing not to like in this recipe. Green olives (which are my favorite), two kinds of cheese, butter, green chiles… and, oh yes, jalapeños.

But of course, the SECOND time I made it, I decided to add a little bit more cheese. Now, normally I would say you can’t have enough cheese, but with this recipe, you absolutely can.


– Butter – Mayonnaise – Jarred jalapeños – Green olives – Green Chiles – Scallions – Pepper jack cheese – White cheddar cheese – French or Italian bread

Kitchen Tools

– Bread knife – Cutting board – Kitchen knife – Cheese grater – Measuring cups – Medium mixing bowl – Mixing spoon – Butter knife or spreader – Sheet pan

Preheat oven to 325ºF.

 In a medium mixing bowl, mix the butter and mayonnaise together well.

Add the jalapeños, olives, green chiles, and scallions and stir.

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