Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

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Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is a delicious and soothing herbal tea greatly preferred for pregnant women.  enjoy hot or cold

Hi Everyone, It is said that red raspberry leaf tea strengthens the uterus to help aid in delivery for pregnant women. It is said that it is good for women of all ages.

It is called, “The Women’s Tonic.” I drank this tea throughout my first 2 pregnancies and now while pregnant with my 3rd.

KITCHEN TOOLS > measuring spoons > tea kettle > t-sac or mesh tea-strainer


> red raspberry leaf tea > hot water > ice, if having cold

In a mesh tea ball, put the loose red raspberry leaf tea. Pour hot water over the tea ball and allow to steep for 5 minutes

Add sweetener if desired

 If having over ice, pour the brewed tea over a glass filled with ice.

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