1-2 servings




5 minutes



People are saying: “I’ve been doing this for a while now. A friend of mine used to use evaporated milk, but I got the idea to use condensed milk instead when I could no longer afford to go to Starbucks...”

- www.LifesLittleSweets.com

People are saying: “...The condensed milk gives the coffee a gourmet touch because it is so rich. It is as good as anything at Starbucks, especially with a swirl of whipped cream topped with chocolate shavings.”

- www.LifesLittleSweets.com

Make the Coffee


Excerpt: Pour your desired amount of sweetened condensed milk into the coffee and stir....continued in the post

People are saying: “Soooo good, I had looked up “how to make sweetened condensed milk into evaporated milk & can sweetened condensed milk be used in coffee” Up came this, and my coffee craving was over! Never actually gave thought to not adding sugar due to the sweetness of the milk…… Thanks so much for (the) blog on this!”

- www.LifesLittleSweets.com

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