Yogurt-Dipped Fresh Blackberry Fruit Bars

These Yogurt-Dipped Blackberry Fruit Bars are the perfect snack after a meal or between meals. They are made with blackberries, Greek yogurt, and Outshine® Fruit Bars.

prep time: 5 MINS

 yield: 12 additional time: 2 HOURS

cook time: 1 MINS

– 1-2 boxes Outshine® Fruit Bars, pick your favorite flavors


– 1 cup (or more, if needed) Greek yogurt, pick your favorite flavor

– 6 ounces (or more to taste) fresh blackberries, washed and dry



One by one, take fruit bars out of their packaging, dip into Greek yogurt, and place berries onto the Greek yogurt.



Lay on a Silpat-lined, rimmed baking sheet.


When you are finished with all of them, but the try in the freezer to freeze for 1-2 hours. When they are done freezing.


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